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Apple Is Hiring A ‘Buzz Marketing Manager’ To Get iPhones In The Hands Of More Famous People (AAPL)

May 2, 2014

Apple Is Hiring A ‘Buzz Marketing Manager’ To Get iPhones In The Hands Of More Famous People (AAPL) – May 02, 2014 at 01:20PM

1394132851_ellen degeneres oscars selfie 467

During the Oscars, Ellen Degeneres got a bunch of celebrities together for a selfie-style photo that she tweeted out. The photo went on to be the most reteweeted photo of all time

That photo, it turns out, was a bit of a PR stunt by Samsung. Samsung sponsored the Oscars, and as part of the sponsorship, it wanted its phones featured during the show. Degeneres wanted to take selfies, so Samsung said she had to use a Galaxy Note III. It even trained her on how to do it. 

The buzz for Samsung worked. It got its phones in front of a big audience, and with Ellen’s tweet getting reteweeted like crazy, the message spread. 

Now, it looks like Apple wants in on the same level of buzz. 

Dwight Silverman of the Huston Chronicle tweeted out the following job listing from Apple for a "Buzz Marketing Manager". 

"This new Buzz Marketing role is primarily responsible for constant and compelling exposure of Apple products with high-profile users, especially those in film and television," says the job listing. 

In the past, Apple has had no problem getting its products featured in movies and on TV. And, supposedly, it never pays for the exposure. 

But maybe with Samsung willing to pay millions of dollars in advertising and market, Apple is feeling the pressure, and wants to make sure that it stays a part of celebrity culture. 

Here’s the job listing:

Apple job listingApple job listing

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